Trump Has Another Protester Beat Up

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Donald Trump had another protester beat up today in a rally this week outside Harlingen, TX. Donald Heyhothatsmyarm was beat up by Trump security personnel and a group of supporters after he began yelling during Trump’s speech. That’s the 500th beat down of a protester in the Trump campaign.

Mr. Heyhothatsmyarm was initially quiet, but began yelling about halfway through the speech. “Donald Trump’s ideas are bankrupt!” he cried.

Mr. Trump gave his team a secret signal, and they descended on the protester with force. Pumped up Trump supporters also pulled their Conceal Carry Weapons on Mr. Heyhothatsmyarm, but were told to stand down by Trump.

The victim is listed in critical condition at Harlingen St. Mary’s Memorial Hospital. He said he is feeling better, and would do it again. His roommate in the hospital was also beat up by Trump’s staff at a different rally.

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