When a Quarterback’s Favorite Receiver is Themselves

A high school quarterback for Eastside Catholic in Sammamish, WA, Zach Lewis, recently threw an amazing pass to…himself, and carried it in for a touchdown. He fired it off an opponent’s helmet, and it bounced right back to him, and he ran it in.

Turns out quarterbacks throwing to themselves is a thing.

Brad Johnson completed 2,668 passes in 15 years in the NFL including, that’s right, one to himself. Playing for the Vikings in 1997 against the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota was on the 3rd yard line on 3rd down in the 4th quarter. He threw a pass over the middle when The Panthers’ Greg Kragen batted it right back to him which he took in for the score.

Atlanta drafted Brett Favre in 1992 and traded him to Green Bay. In 1992 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in his first NFL pass, Favre rolled to his right, attempted a pass, and Ray Seals tipped it…right back to Favre.

I think quarterbacks should sell themselves in the draft as being able to play two positions. The team saves money!

“Now this is why you should draft me: Number one. I play quarterback AND receiver. Not only will you save money, I’ll always know where one of top receivers is. Plus, when people rip the receivers in the press for not catching my throws, I’ll blame one guy..me. Takes the pressure off the other fellas.”

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