Where Were You in the House When You Decided To Get a Divorce?

Young lady, which room of the house were you standing in when you finally had enough and decided to get a divorce?


Was this where you admitted to yourself he was a liar?



How many nights passed staring at the ceiling realizing you married the wrong person?




How many times did he tell you he loved you in this room, the jerk?



Why can’t you spot these morons? Is there something wrong with you?



Isn’t this the room your mother always told you to watch out for this guy — that she didn’t trust him?



How come he was always on business trips when you were out with the girls? Hmmm….



How many meals did you make for your family with devotion and love, only to find out he was getting side orders?



Is this the room it dawned on you all the signs were there, well before you got married? Uh, huh.



Ah, what the heck? Time to set up your computer in this room, get a Match.com account and start clicking profiles.




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