7 Ways Dating Is Different In Ohio Than Anywhere Else

Dating is a challenge no matter where you live. Dating in Ohio is especially awkward and annoying.

1. At least four months of the year, everyone has the same body shape because they are all wearing three layers of sweaters and a snowmobile suit.

2. Every conversation eventually is reduced to whether Kings Island or Cedar Point has better roller coasters.

3. One out of every four people you date will consider Wendy’s as the ultimate in fine dining.

4. If you go on a bowling date, don’t be surprised when that mild-mannered woman you met at the dog park turns into a killer with her own ball and a 290 scoring average.

5. Getting your body ready for the beach means cutting Skyline Chili to once a week.

6. Your date may be late meeting you for drinks in Wooster because they got caught behind a thresher machine going 15 mph on Route 585.

7. If you are a Browns fan and discover your date is a Bengals fan, don’t make fun of their uniforms. All she has to do is mention one thing – Johnny Football. Ouch.

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Middletown Ohio Initiates Laser Program To Stop Traffic Light Scofflaws

  Middletown, Ohio recently deactivated their red light traffic cameras at intersections around the city in order to bring the town a new system. “There’s been some confusion,” said the mayor of the town. “Some people thought our automated red light cameras were illegal. That’s not it at all. The red light cameras are legal, […]

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Discrimination in the Short North

The Short North neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio is politically incorrect and insensitive. Why are they limiting this area to people with a height of 5 feet tall and under? Visitors from out of town will naturally assume that the Short North side is only for shorter people . “You don’t want to go to that […]

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The Most Successful American Idol Contestant Of All Time

According to Forbes, these are the most successful American Idol alumni in terms of units sold: 1. Carrie Underwood – 14.7 million albums sold 2. Kelly Clarkson – 12.9 million albums sold 3. Chris Daughtry – 6.8 million albums sold 4. Clay Aiken – 5 million albums sold 5. Fantasia Barrino – 3.1 million albums […]

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10 Things You Should Know To Get The Most Out of Your Visit To Cincinnati

1. Local residents are called Cinseers. This is due to the city being settled by psychics and gypsies in 1788. 2. The annual Procter & Gamble Riverfest features thousands of floats on the Ohio River displaying the latest products of the manufacturing giant. 3. Cincinnati is home to several major league sports teams including the […]


Producer Fired From “The View” After Heated Words With Rosie

  News reports today say a longtime “The View” producer was fired after getting in shouting matches with one of the stars of the show, Rosie O’Donnell, before Ms. O’Donnell left the show earlier this year to be with her family. Apparently, there was ongoing tension between the two that finally bubbled into a shouting […]


Facebook Removes “Feeling Fat” Status

Facebook recently removed the “feeling fat” status from their platform. For those unaware, the status was one selection of several available from a pull-down menu. Some people said this status was a form of fat-shaming. Frankly, I’m glad it’s gone. That means there is now room for some new status updates I would actually use. […]


Woman Freezes Up When Trying to Decide What Boots To Wear

Sally stood in front of the back hall racks where her various winter footwear stood patiently waiting. “First day over 50 degrees in 3 months,” she said to her dog Pip who sat on the ground over near the register. “I don’t know what to wear.” “Should I wear tennis shoes with a light grip […]