Young men holding puppy

7 Things Not To Do With Your New Puppy

Young men holding puppy
Image Courtesy US National Archives via Flickr Commons

The New Dog Owners League of Cincinnati, Ohio recently published their annual list of things you should not do with your new puppy. “It’s important for new dog owners to set their puppy on the right path,” said league president Sandra L. Setemstraight. “When they get older, it is too late to untrain them.”

Here are the seven things you should not do with your new puppy:

1. Do NOT let him drive your car after sundown.

2. Do NOT let him know your bank machine pass code.

3. Do NOT let him use FaceTime on your iPHone.

4. Do NOT let him go to movies with other dogs his age unattended.

5. Do NOT let him on any online poker or other gambling sites.

6. Do NOT let her sign up for, although when you think about it, she might be an improvement for them.

7. Do NOT let her go to any square dances, hootenannays or salsa competitions.

These rules may seem easy, but there is no break when it comes to making sure your new puppy is directed to the right course in life at a young age.

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