The Best Rhymes of Canada’s Rancher Rapper

The Best Rhymes of Canada’s Rancher Rapper

Canada is well behind the rest of the world. The benefit is that the Canadian rap scene has not fallen off as much as in other countries like the US.

In fact, one of Canada’s biggest rap stars, the Rancher Rapper, recently dropped his latest album, “Sheep Shearin’ and Gat Blastin.'” Here are some of the best rhymes from the album.



“Got No Sleep – Remix”

image_012-bushy-rancher rapper

Three sheep need sheerin’ I got no sleep
Bogus trippin’ n I’m runnin’ deep
With my boys rollin’ gats blastin’
On Sunday our fly fishin’ reels be castin’




image_003-bushy-rancher rapper

My dog he eatin’ everythin’ in the house
He ate my cat he ate my mouse
He eatin my boots he’s a boot licka
‘Bout to discipline him with my clicka



“Hey Wagon!”

image_002-bushy-rancher rapper

Hey, hey wagon, hey wagon, hey wagon, Yo!



“Pabst Blue No Skinny Jeans”

image_010-bushy-rancher rapper

Got our PBRs we be trippin’
Deep to your hood black skinny jeans
Coyote howlin’ tin cans rippin’
We’ll take out your appendix and your spleen




“Rancher Rapper” (TM) Ranch City Records – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Lyrics and Music – All Rights Reserved

Image Elements courtesy US National Archives and Internet Archive

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