10 Signs Your Commute in Los Angeles is Too Long

You have a room at a boarding house in Barstow for a mid-commute break.

You removed your spare tire and installed a 100-gallon coffee machine.

Your kids see you so little they find it hard to remember who you are. One calls you Uncle Daddy.

You’ve listened to every audiobook from Audible.com including the King James Bible. Twice.

You vote in both California and Nevada state elections.

You have so many miles on your car, it has been featured in a Quaker State commercial.

You buy so many new tires they have a statue of you in downtwon Akron.

You have full subscriptions to Pandora, Spotify and XM Radio.

When you took a two week vacation with your family, international oil prices dropped 5 cents a barrel.

It takes an hour of daily massage to get your hands out of a locked 10 and 2 position.

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