3 Almost Completely True Things About Tennessee Volunteers Football

The Tennessee Volunteers play at Neyland Stadium. It was built in 1921 and has had 16 expansions and additions since then.

“I mean it’s obvious she’s had some work done but one doesn’t talk about such things,” said a local.

The stadium is named for Tennessee Volunteer football coach Robert Neyland. Many people consider him one of the best defensive coaches ever. In that role he coached people who are always on the defensive. They’d say, “Why are you always picking on me?

“Who’s picking on you?”

“You! You are always picking on me. Making us run laps and do drills!”

And Neyland would say, “Why are you so defensive all the time?”

Neyland was also known as a football innovator. He came up with the ideas of studying game film to review opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, and he was the first to add telephones to the sidelines. Unfortunately, the players misunderstood what the telephones were for and were always caught ordering pizzas.

“Uh, could you send us 4 pepperonis? The address? The address is Neyland stadium. Where we play the football.”

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