3 Almost True Facts About The Miami Hurricanes

The University of Miami Hurricanes football team started with just a bunch of freshman in 1926. The sophomore, juniors and seniors were too busy surfing and trying to meet girls coming down for spring break from Ohio. In the very first game, they beat Rollins College playing in front of 304 fans. Actually, there were 300 fans and 4 scouts from the Miami Dolphins.

They had a perfect 8-0 record in their very first year, beating University of Havana twice, once on Thanksgiving and once on Christmas day. For the Christmas game, the Hurricanes gave them boxes of oranges and the Havana team gave Miami boxes of “bananas” with Cuban cigars inside.

The origin of the name Hurricanes is unclear, although some people say it is named after a 1926 Hurricane. Others say it was thought up by a student after he heard the school was thinking of using some local flora or fauna as the team name. Quick thinking, dear student–I’m sure local plants like the Spineless Acacia, a local type of tree would have been a disaster. Go Spineless Acacias!!!!

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