9 Crazy Machines You Didn’t Know Existed

Lathe operator machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated_2179234054_m

Computer Wheel

Before the modern computer mouse, computers came equipped with a large crank like a ship wheel which moved the cursor around the screen.


Mystery Machine_6975991819_l

Emotion Hopper

This hopper jumbled human emotions and helped stressed workers feel more relaxed and calm.


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Cold and Sneeze Crank

This cold and sneeze crank placed the patient’s nose in a vise while the doctor shown here cranked it tight. Then the patient was covered with snuff, liquid honey and pretzel crumbs.


Analog Computing Machine in Fuel Systems Building_7605906886_l

Quiz Machine

Modern websites often have popular quizzes that can be finished in seconds. With this early model, users completed answers to questions by plugging various wires in the holes. The answers were sent to them 3 months via parcel post.


Bathers and Bathing Machines-Ostend  (LOC)_3532871267_m

Bathing Machine

These portable bathing machines acted like a clothes washer. Bathers sat on a bench in the middle while jets of soap and water sprayed them from all directions.


Drank-automaat voor likeur  Liquor machine on the Leiziger Messe_4900465857_l

Coffee Shot Machine

A popular product in Europe for many years, this vintage Coffee Shot machine produced shots of coffee and liquor.


Farrington Automatic Address Reading Machine_2550431145_l

Email Address Reader

The email address reader was an early spam machine. It raked in email addresses and sent out spam messages for phony penile enlargement pills, then known as aspirin.


Good man, good gun a private of the armored forces_2179844976_m

T-Shirt Machine Gun

This machine gun accurately launched T-shirts into the crowd at sporting events. At peak capacity, it could launch 2000 T-shirts per minute.


In North American's modern machine shop, another aircraft part is_2179072787_m

Nail Painting Machine

A worker is seen here tuning up an early Nail Painting machine. Women could get nails done in a jiffy by sticking their hand in a slot which painted their nails a new color in a flash. The only danger was it sometimes sanded down their fingers, which prompted lawsuits. But the victims admitted it was great for opening letters.


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