Barber Wisdom: Passing On Second Down – Super Bowl XLIX 2015


I can’t believe Pete Carroll decided to pass on second down. It cost them the Super Bowl.



He told the newspapers he knew he had the game in hand and decided to burn a down so they could stop the clock.



Yeah, well, they had Marshawn Lynch. Why burn a down? Just get him in there and win the game.



Boys, they didn’t do that because they didn’t want the Patriots to have enough time to come back.



I hear you, but that would have been tough.



I don’t know. The Patriots are tough in the final minutes.



How do you know? The Giants beat then in 2007 with the Helmet catch. The Seahawks made the Bobble catch and then handed them the game on a bad call.



Brady married a Supermodel and has a house with 2,000 rooms. That’s how I know.



You got a point there, mister.



I lost $50,000 on that game. Thanks, Pete.





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