British Sayings I Keep Slipping Into Conversation

There’s a British golf pro on YouTube who intros his videos with, “Right then, let’s get stuck in.” It sounded cool, but I had no idea what it meant so I looked it up. It means “let’s get going” or “let’s get started.”

Inexplicably, I started saying this in conversation with people. As we began a new project, I’d say, “Great, let’s get stuck in.”

Stares all around.

Another word I see British people use a lot in social media is “chuffed.” Again, I had to look it up. It means “very pleased.” Over the next few days, I would say, “I’m chuffed!” to my friends and family. They always looked at me funny. I didn’t care. It’s a great word.

I love these British words and sayings. So much that I sought out more I could use to make my everyday conversations snappier, cooler and more interesting. Here is what I found:

— “Get your squirrel on!” This is used as an instruction or demand. Use it to tell someone to “get going,” or “get out of here,” depending on the tone of voice. Usage: “Hey, you there, the one stealing potato chips! Get your squirrel on.”

— “Hitch up your walderbird.” “Dont’ be sad” or “cheer up, everything is going to be all right. Usage: “Come on now, hitch up your walderbird. How were you to know she was cheating on you with your brother?”

— “Bing, bang, paper hang.” This means “well, whatever, there is nothing we can do about it now. Let’s get back to regular life.” Usage: “Well, the Cubs managed to botch up another promising season. Bing, bang, paper hang.”

— “Far and down!” This means “not likely.” Usage: “Did you like the new restaurant in town?” “Far and down, the house special was called ‘Road Kill Waffles.'”

— “Stand and punch me in the face.” This one is interesting because it means “stand and punch me in the face.” Usage: “Please stand and punch me in the face.”

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