Buddy the Bear Causes Panic and Fields Entertainment Offers

Buddy the bear
Courtesy USFWS

“People in Southern California love two things,” said CHP Sergeant Wally “Big Rig” Gibson. “Police chases and wild bears running amok.”

A bear is taking that advice to heart as he roams the neighborhoods in nearby La Canada-Flintridge. Dubbed Buddy the Bear by local media, he has been seen knocking over garbage cans, swimming in pools, breaking into houses and creating panic in this neighborhood in the Angeles Forest.

“The town is actually part of the forest, so we are going to get bears roamin’ through,” said Jim “Red Legs” Early, a long-time resident. “But this Buddy is a piece of work. He’s highly mobile, and can run fast for a big ‘ol bear. He’s not afraid to rip down locks, doors, windows and such.

“One day I came home and he was watching my TV. He had popped some popcorn, and was leaned back in my La-Z-Boy(TM) recliner. I was gone for awhile, and I found out he worked his way through most of Breaking Bad season 4.”

Buddy the Bear has created such a stir in the LA area, he now has his own Twitter account and Facebook page. He is meeting next week with potential agents and producers to discuss potential entertainment roles and projects.

“People here are in a tizzy,” said Mr. Early.

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