Crazy Fun Facts About Boise State Broncos Football

Boise State played their first football game in 1933. Another highlight from 1933 was the dedication of Mount Rushmore which features the images of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.

The team opened the 1970 season in the new Broncos Stadium. One of the most popular features of the stadium was that fans could win tickets and team swag by riding a real bucking bronco for more than 10 seconds. One high school senior stayed on for two minutes and was immediately drafted by the team as a defensive back, and the bronco was slotted in at fullback.

In 1993, the Broncos hire Pokey Allen to take the reins at head coach. He was very successful, partly due to his talented coaching staff Gumby, Nopey and Prickle.

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