Designer Creates The First Selfie Hat

A designer has teamed up with a computer manufacturer to make the first selfie hat. The hat looks a little like a mini- sombrero with a tablet in the brim that folds down like a TV screen for fast and efficient selfie taking.

I talked with the designer, Christina Cowabunga, about the hat and why the selfie is so popular.

“We came out with this hat so you can take selfies fast with out thinking about it. People love selfies and as designers we must think about how selfies can be worked into their daily lives.”

“For example, why can’t we put a selfie camera in the car so you can record embarassiing videos of you singing to your favorite songs? Why can’t we have concert selfies where you can record videos of you recording embarrassing videos of you singing the same songs at a concert. Why not a rollercoaster selfie camera that catches you on video for the entire ride, including when you threw up in the bushes next to the ride? There are so many possibilities.”

What other selfie hats are you working on?

“Coming up next we have the selfie fishing hat which also has a ruler and a place to hang lures. We have the selfie golfing hat which swivels away from the golfer so there can’t be any photo evidence of them kicking a ball out from behind a tree. And we have the selfie hockey helmet which allows hockey players to take picture of themselves as they pummel each other in hockey fights.”

Christina, what does our obsession with selfies say about us as a culture?

“It says we want all want to be a star and order little people around. And why not? Life is short. (Turns off camera). Darling, could you get me some water, and this time give it to me at exactly 55 degrees like I asked you to! One more mistake and you are out!

“Honey, do you call this fresh-squeezed orange juice? You are sqeezing my patience! I’m going to squeeze your paycheck!

“I said I wanted my shoes organized alphabetically by designer. You’ve got Yves St. Laurent before Louboutin. Don’t tell me you went to public schools. You can leave right now.”

“Listen, dear, when I asked you to walk the dogs, I didn’t mean out there on the street with all those strange people. I meant walk them around the pool until they do their business, then pick it up with your hands and dispose of it. No, we don’t have plastic bags around here. They are not safe for the environment!”

It looks like Christina is busy with some business there at her house. For me, this selfie culture has gotten way out of hand. It just shows our obsession with our own selves, and not our fellow man or woman.

Oh just a minute. (Takes selfie.)

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