How To Shoot A Golf Score of 59 Within One Week

Many golfers dream of shooting a life-time low score of 89, 79 and even 69. Here are 5 steps to go even lower- 59 for 18 holes of golf.


1. You will need to drive the ball regularly at least 395.5 yards. This is achieved by a much longer swing arc than your current swing. To achieve this you must buy (or borrow) some circus stilts and wrap them to your legs with duct tape.


2. Put your golf shoes on the end of the stilts for good stability and traction.


3. Attach a sturdy bungy cord to the end of your driver. This will allow you to reach the ball from the stilts.


4. Swing the club back with the bungy cord in a huge power arc. At the top of the backswing, "step into the shot" much like a baseball player, turn your hips and whip the bungy cord/club as hard as you can.


5. Keep your head down and follow through. The club will be travelling over 700 mph. When it comes through the ball there is a strong possibility it will come around and hit you in the head. For this reason you should wear a motorcycle helmet or NFL quality football helmet when using this method.  A Chicago Bears helmet would be good because it is used to being abused. Add a world-class short game and putting skills and you will shoot 59 this week or within 10 days give or take.



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