Important Things You Should Know About Georgia Bulldog Football

Georgia organized their first football game when they challenged Mercer University on January 30, 1892. After they won 50-0, it was clear why they picked Mercer University. (I think we need some insurance points in case they mount a comeback.)

James Wallace “Wally” Butts coached the team from 1939 to 1960. He won two national championships, the first in 1942 and in 1946.

In those days, many coaches still relied on a tough running game, while Butts preferred a passing game. He was known for his elaborate passing plays. One route had the receiver run up into the stands, order a hot dog and soda, run back down and under the bleachers, through the town of Athens and back to the field. The idea was it would throw off any pass coverage. (Coach, I lost him when he jumped in a cab.)

In 1997, coach Jim Donnan showed up to practice in an actual steamroller, telling his squad that when they played Mississippi State, they “were going to be the steamroller or the pavement.” In other games he showed up as a lumberjack and said they “were going to be the axe or the tree” and another time he showed up as giant golf club and said the were “going to be the driver or the golf ball.” (Uh, coach, can I drive the steamroller?)

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