Outrageous Fun Facts About the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers were originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates when they started playing in 1933. It was common back then for new football teams to take the same name as the local professional baseball team.

Some players played for both Pirate teams until one day Scooter “Long Drive” McGowan got confused and instead of running for a touchdown, he ran the football field like a baseball diamond, touching a waterboy’s head for first base, rounding second at center field and ending at third by sliding into and knocking over the team bench.

“He lost his cotton picking mind,” said one observer. “They say he never recovered from that day, and from then on would run the same imaginary baseball diamond in strange places like parks, stores and schools. One day at mass at St. Boniface, he ran the bases again, touching second at the main altar and sliding into a confessional booth like it was third base.”

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