Slightly Crazy People in San Francisco – “Can’t Park Worth Beans” Guy

Parking space is a premium in the City. They could triple the number of people taking public transportation and there wouldn’t be enough parking spaces. That means knuckleheads that can’t park properly, taking up 2 spaces or sticking their nose into driveways, are a real problem.

San Francisco initiated a special Bad Parker Rehab Program specially designed just for dorks like this. “We used to jail bad parkers for several months, but it didn’t help,” said Mavis Conteh, head of Parking Systems for the City. “Bad parkers don’t respond to discipline. We found they have mental problems much like an addict. They are addicted to parking like a fool. Their habits were creating a real problem for the rest of us. This new rehab program will address their underlying issues and help them position a car in a parking spot in a normal fashion.”

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